So, what's next?

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Now that Wurkbuk Beta 2 has been released, it doesn't mean it's time to relax. There are a few more things that are in the works. Here are a few of them...

I'll be working on

  • a slightly longer Wurkbuk explanation video, to go in a bit more depth about how Wurkbuk can be used, including Google Integration. Done
  • a student management console, where teachers can change student passwords and do other bits of student admin (hence the big empy space on the admin page). Done
  • a calendar with assignment scheduling, to get a better idea of planning and assignment setting and submission. Done
  • teacher class/student sharing, which will allow teachers to share their students/groups with other teachers, for classes that have more than one teacher, or assistant. This is half done. For those that remember Beta 1, this was actually there. It's been disabled for Beta 2, as it needs improving. Done
  • parent view, to allow parents to see basic student information, like performance, grades, and messages from teachers, and student work.
  • lesson and resource repository, where teachers can share and find other lessons. Done

This will all take a good while, but to be honest, I think that would be it for the most part in terms of features. Other improvements will mostly be cosmetic or structural, making the existing architecture more robust. The main reason being, I want Wurkbuk to remain simple and easy, and to focus on just what secondary classroom teachers want and need. Nothing more, nothing less. Unless, of course there are requests for things I have not thought of.

More of that in another post.

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