Wurkbuk Beta 2 Now Live



So, after a few extra days of bug fixing, checking security and settings, Wurkbuk Beta 2 is now live! The Login to Wurkbuk link will lead you directly there, as the Beta 1 is now archived (if you still need access to the Beta 1 site for whatever reason, please let me know). The Wurkbuk Demo site is now also running the Beta 2, and has much more lesson content to check out than the Beta 1 demo site had. Check them out.

As well as the example users Demo Teacher and Demo Student, a new one has been added called Google Student 1. This student shows off the Google capabilities and integration within Wurkbuk, which makes the teaching process much smoother (work is automatically saved; easily monitor each keystroke entered as the student is working, which is great when teaching remotely).

Including the 9 major updates mentioned in our previous blog post, the following has been added:

  • Startup walk-through process to setup your first subject featuring the updated quickstart video (more on this below)
  • Better security around the website
  • Confirmation checks before sharing, updating or deleting student work
  • And lots more bug fixes

As mentioned above, the original quickstart video '5 Steps to getting started with Wurkbuk' has also been updated to show some of the new features. You can check it out below, and from the help section on the site (and the post where I put the original one as it's been replaced).


However, during the next few weeks and months, we will continue working on more improvements to Wurkbuk Beta 2, and will be updating it as we go, on the main Beta 2 site as well as the Demo site. I'll let you know when that happens, but will be writing another post shortly, with all the improvements to come, so stay tuned for that.

Enjoy :)

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