What is Wurkbuk?



Wurkbuk is a website where you can create and share digital worksheets for teaching and learning. Wurkbuk helps you

  • plan your lessons,
  • teach using innovative tools and
  • mark in a quick and easy way.

It could also be called a Virtual Learning Environment, or a Learning Management System, similar to Google Classroom, Moodle or Edmodo (RIP). It is specifically built with secondary classroom teachers in mind, however, is versatile enough to use in any learning environment. It is currently in Beta 3.5 phase and features

  • a lesson editor, which can feature text, images, videos and other embedable media
  • a quiz creator with 5 different question types which is also self marking
  • the ability to share lessons and quizzes with students
  • Google Docs integration with the ability to copy Google drive files for individual students
  • a calendar to help manage and plan lessons
  • importing and exporting of lessons, so you can share them with other teachers
  • a resource database where you can download ready made lessons and quizzes
  • feedback dialogue boxes underneath assignments to leave comments and marks for students
  • different ways to organise assignments (by class, by student, by assignment) to make them easier to mark
  • marksheet view to see all result, or just the results that you want in one place
  • class sharing with other teachers
  • the ability to create subgroups to help with differentiation
  • importing of students via spreadsheet, Google Classroom or individually

Check out the tutorial videos and read through the help section to get an idea of what Wurkbuk looks like to use. You can also check out the demo site and register for your own free account.

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