About Us

The About Us is currently, about me. I'm currently the sole designer and creator of Wurkbuk, but am open to collaboration. So, if you like the idea, let me know.

My name is K Owusu, and I am a teacher, programmer, education consultant and researcher trying to do my bit to help the world of education and technology.

In the past I have been a Head of Department for Computer Science and ICT in secondary schools, a Learning Technologist and researcher in higher education, and a consultant for learning technology startups. I'm currently a curriculum specialist for Design Technology and Computer Science for government state schools. I have a strong interest in research on how teachers use technology in their classrooms. I'm also interested in how technology can be used more effectively and more widely to improve learning and teaching. That's why I created Wurkbuk. Most of my work experience, including teaching has been in the UK. However, I have also done education work in the USA, Japan, Ghana, and the UAE.

For more info on me check out my blog 21st Century Chalk. To connect, feel free to visit my LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

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