Wurkbuk Beta 2 Update 2 Available


It's about that time again. The next major update has been released and it's a big one. This includes new features and a range of bug fixes. As you can see the above picture is the new look login screen, and is the first new feature. "But, how is this update 2? What/when was update 1?". you may be saying. All will be revealed. Let's get into it...

Update 1 was a gradual update and involved minor feature changes. This was done about two weeks after Beta 2 was initially launched. It included:

  • A check to the update feature so it only ran if students had not already started on their lessons.
  • Changes to the database to improve efficiency.
  • An improvement to the student edit/save button for completing lesson activities. It was changed to a start and finish buttons and made a bit bigger. This was done to make it easier for students to see how to complete work.


Update 2 which was completed yesterday includes:

  • A change to the login screen. It now has a new brighter background, and more pronounced form elements. A smartphone view bug on the login screen was also fixed.
  • An improvement to the main menu. It now has extra shortcut links to the different plan views as well as the different admin features.
  • A bug fix to the groups section on the home page.
  • A bug fix to the marksheet.
  • The all new student management console. This allows teachers to create and manage groups, adding students to and removing or moving students from them. It also allows teachers to change student passwords. However, the password changing feature is only available for Wurkbuk server, which is a private surver with access only available to individual schools. This was to maintain robust security in the general version of Wurkbuk.

The updates are now live on the Beta 2 website as well as the Demo website. Check them out and let me know what you think. I'll be updating the help section and creating more videos to explain how to use the new student management console. In the meantime, don't forget to check out the existing videos.

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