Coding with Minecraft - Ready Made Wurkbuk Lessons

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One of the useful abilities of Wurkbuk is to be able to share and upload lessons made by yourself and others. This is why I have decided to create the first lesson bundle for Wurkbuk called Coding with minecraft. This will hopefully be the first of many...

Coding with Minecraft is a 6 part series of lessons which aims to teach students the basic coding constructs of sequence, selection and repetition, using Minecraft's code builder. The 6 parts are as follows

  • Coding with Minecraft 1 - Introduction
  • Coding with Minecraft 2 - Algorithms and Flowcharts
  • Coding with Minecraft 3 - Basic Coding
  • Coding with Minecraft 4 - Coding Loops
  • Coding with Minecraft 5 - Conditionals
  • Coding with Minecraft 6 - Final Project

Most of the lessons are based on the 4 part lesson structure (connection, activation, demonstration and consolidation), with the final project lesson being a simple 3 part lesson (starter, main, plenary). All lessons are available now in the resource database as individual downloadable wble lesson files, or as a bundled zip file containing all 6. If downloading the bundle zip file, be sure to extract it first before uploading the separate lessons to your Wurkbuk account.

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