App Inventor Lessons on Demo Site and Wurkbuk Beta 3 Update 2


My previous blog post introduced the App Creation series of Wurkbuk lessons, which had just been put up on the resource database. This featured 5 free lessons to teach students how to use MIT App Inventor to create apps and learn about app businesses. These lessons have now been put up on the Wurkbuk Demo site for everyone to check out and read through. As well as this mini update, there has been a pretty major update to Wurkbuk...

This major update, Wurkbuk Beta 3 Update 2, was mostly an extensive code overhaul, which involved code cleanup and the usual round of bug fixing. However, none of this will be noticable for the average user as there were no feature or UI changes. It was just changes to make the code run and read better, which was long overdue. This code is now featured on the Wurkbuk Demo and Beta 3 websites. More will be done at a later stage, but for now priorities will change from core code to resources.

The App Creation series is the second of many (Coding with Minecraft being the first series) that we will start to work on for teachers to use. A series on Artificial Intelligence and a 2 year computer science curriculum are currently being planned. On top of this we hope to include subjects other than computer science in a much bigger way. And of course, all of these resources will be free.

If you are interested in donating your time or resources to creating Wurkbuk lessons feel free to let me know. It would be much appreciated. In the meantime, check out the resource database to download the free lessons, or check them out on our Live Wurkbuk Demo site.

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