Wurkbuk Plan - Creating a Google Resource

Following on from the Beta 3 update, I've created a video on how to create a Wurkbuk resource which has embedded Google docs. Wurkbuk has the ability to create copies of all chosen google docs for individual students. This video goes through all of that and shows you the work using the new 'Shared Lessons' view in the Teach section, as well as the set and due date features. The video also goes through the 4 part lesson template which is used for all the Coding with Minecraft lessons. I'll talk about more about that below...

 Early on in my teaching career, I was trained to plan lessons using the 3 part lesson which consisted of the starter, the main and the plenary. The four part lesson is an alternative to this and consists of the

  • connection: Similar to the starter however, focuses on creating a link to previous knowledge, possibly from the previous lesson.
  • activation: The learning part of the lesson, where students take in new knowledge or a new skill
  • demonstration: The practice part of the lesson, where the students make use of the knowledge learned in the previous activation stage and show evidence of their understanding. This is usually achieved by some sort of activity. 
  • consolidation: Similar to the plenary, where students look back on what they have learned and achieved during the lesson and evaluate the knowledge and their learning.

For more theory on these, check out this Teacher Technologies article, and this Interventions in the Classroom article by Achievement for All.

The actual lesson displayed in the tutorial is part 2 of the Coding with Minecraft series of lessons, about Algorithms and Flowcharts. There are 6 lessons in the series and go into using the Code Builder, which uses Make Code. This lesson and the other 5 in the series are available from the Resource Database on this website. Lessons are available individually, or you can download all 6 in a zip file. They can then be uploaded to your Wurkbuk account plan section and used for your own students. There all available for free, so why not give it a try?

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