Wurkbuk Beta 3.5 Now Live

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After over 2 years of extra planning, coding, adding features and fixing bugs I can now say that Wurkbuk Beta 3.5 is now live! With better stability, better usability and better work flows.The following features have been added:

  • Quiz creation, sharing, exporting and results management
  • Direct import of lessons and quizzes to your account
  • Verification with Google and UI Update
  • Wurkbuk Account Types


Quiz creation, sharing, exporting and results management

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By far the biggest and most important update to date is the quiz feature. This allows you to create self-marking quizzes using 5 different question types and share them with students. There are plenty of options for the quizzes and the quiz questions which allow you to customize how the quizzes look and how they function with students.

You can also export the quizzes in the same way you can with Wurkbuk Lessons. All the lesson information, including files and images, are retained and can be shared with other teachers or placed on the Wurkbuk Resource Database for others to import and use.

The options allow you to hide all results from students after the quizzes have been completed, until you are ready to release them. This helps keep the quizzes fair and minimizes cheating.

Viewing the student results for quizzes is just as easy as viewing other results. There is now a space in the Wurkbuk Mark area to see them for individual students.


Direct import of lessons and quizzes to your Wurkbuk account

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One of the more convenient features added is the ability to import lessons straight to your account. You can now do this without having to save the file to your computer, and upload the file from your computer, if it is already in the Wurkbuk Resource Database. All you need to do now is click the Direct Import button on the database, then choose where to save it in your account, and finally choose an alternative name if you want to.


Google verification and UI update

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Another very important update was Google verification of Wurkbuk. This is quite a laborious and time consuming process that all apps must go through if they want to be approved by Google to use their services, such as Google Drive or Google Classroom. This required me to update my terms and conditions, and privacy policy, and explain to Google how Wurkbuk used their services, what data was used and how I would ensure user safety. Google then checked it out for themselves to make sure it was used appropriately. This now means that you will not face any warnings or safety messages about Wurkbuk when you sign in to your Google account to enable Google features.

Ensuring that the correct Google branding was used throughout the Wurkbuk site was also a requirement of successful verification. So throughout the site, you may see some updated logos.

For more details of the verification process please check out the OAuth API verification FAQs.


Wurkbuk Account Types

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The final major update was the addition of different Wurkbuk accounts. There are 4 different accounts, Basic, Silver, Gold and Wurkbuk Schools. The different accounts enable different levels of use and different limits for subjects, students, groups and storage available for use. For Wurkbuk Beta 3.5 all the different account types are free to use, however, Silver and Gold will require that users share some of the resources they create with the Wurkbuk Resource Database. Wurkbuk Schools is a private server for individual schools and has unlimited use of all features, including teachers changing student passwords. For more details, check out the Wurkbuk Accounts post.

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